Viewing and Working With Multiple Calendars As One in Outlook

I received the following question today:

I have created multiple, different calendars in Outlook 2007. Rather than viewing the calendars in the side-by-side mode, I want to merge two or more into a single Outlook calendar.  How do I do this?

Additionally How do I merge calendars into one, AND also maintain a copy of the individual calendars.

MS Office / Outlook Help does not seem to provide guidance on how to accomplish either of these tasks.

Nice challenge! I read this and did my best impression of a dog hearing a whistle and cocking its head to the side inquisitively – then it dawned on me. . .

This is a lot easier than you might expect! We aren’t actually going to merge the calendars in Outlook, but I think this will accomplish the effect you are looking for.

In Outlook go the the Calendar view. In the Navigation Pane on the left, check the boxes for all the calendars you want to see “merged”:

By default, the calendars are going to be in Side-By-Side view like this:

In this example you only see two calendars, but you could have 3, 4, 5 or more – (actually, up to 30!)

To view these as “one” there are two ways you can go.

First, the really easy way: VIEW -> VIEW IN OVERLAY MODE. Which will lay the calendars on top of each other:

Selecting the tab at the top will bring that calendar into focus but you will still see the appointments for the other calendars!

If you look closely at the tabs you will see an arrow:

This brings us to the other other really, really easy way to overlay calendars – just click the arrow to “stack” or “unstack” calendars.

If you have 3 calendars open in side-by-side mode, clicking the arrow on one of them will overlay it with your main calendar and leave the other unselected one still in side-by-side mode.

Click some arrows -kick the tires, see what she will do!

As always – comments welcomed!

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