Sync Two Microsoft Outlook Calendars – With Google!

I have a personal laptop at home that has my personal calendar stuff in it. At my office I have a different laptop that uses Microsoft exchange and has my work calendar information.

I want the two to merge – to be the same – to show evening appointments in my work calendar and daytime meetings in my home calendar. (The exchange server detail isn’t important, it just happens to be what my company uses. This will work on any plain old Outlook calendars)

By synchronizing the two,  when I dock my iPhone at home I get both my personal and business appointments on it. If I change jobs I can just decouple the business laptop calendar and life moves on.

Easy Cheesy McPheesy:

Now, when you add an appointment at home, it syncs to Google Calendar, in a few minutes your work laptop syncs as well and ads the appointment to your work computer. Delete an business appointment, it syncs to Google, then Syncs with home and the appointment is removed from all three!

Another added benefit is the ability to see your complete calendar online.

One note: Mark any personal appointments you don’t want the world to see as Private and when your boss looks at your calendar in Exchange he won’t see that you are taking banjo lessons every Tuesday at 11 or going to Office Supply Kleptomaniac’s Anonymous twice a week.

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