Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 iPhone Application

Part 4 of the 4 part series!

  1. How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free
  2. How To Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers
  3. How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone
  4. Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 iPhone Application.

Way back in part one I ended up the article with:

There is also a third party iPhone / iPod touch application that will synchronize with Toodledo and allow you to work offline. This application is called Todo and is available from Appigo on the iTunes App Store for about $10 but to be honest I don’t see the advantage of paying for it.

After that, Lonnie77 Wrote:

I’ve been using Appigo Todo for a few weeks now and won’t go without it. The huge advantage it has is that I have my tasks everywhere, even in the mountains where I don’t even get cell coverage. Totally worth the $10 to me just for that alone! Another plus is that it’s a lot more zippy, especially compared to the slow edge network in my area.

I love it when readers leave comments like that!

So I bought the $10 Todo and ran it side-by-side with ToodleDo’s iPhone optimized task list. I found that I did indeed like the ability to quickly check my tasks without having to go online. I found myself leaning more and more towards ToDo when another reader emailed me to let me know that ToodleDo had a new horse in the race . . .

ToodleDo is now available as a native application on your iPhone. You can use it as a standalone application, or you can have it seamlessly synchronized with, so you will always have access to your important tasks, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

It is available from the iTunes Store for only $3.99!

I have now uninstalled the $10 ToDo application, deleted the link to the ToodleDo web application and absolutely love the $4 native ToodleDo application.

Toodledo on the iPhone has most of the same functionality that you get from using the website, and I am amazed by the amount of stuff you can do to your task list from their website. Check it out here.

But here is the kicker! I was the first person to document How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone and it has been a very popular article. But get this! It is even easier with the ToodleDo software.

  • After you start the program, go to SETTINGS.
  • Select SYNCHRONIZATION and set it to AUTO SYNC
  • Then go to FIELDS USED and turn on DUE TIME

Now, the chain of events set up in How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone are even easier!

I will go back to the How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone post and make a reference to this posting because hands-down, this is the best way to go!

Conclusion? ToodleDo, for $3.99 from the iTunes Store – Go for it!

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