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The REAL Reason Cannabis Was Prohibited (Hint: Corporations)
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It’s sad to see how much our world has been destroyed over the past 70 years as well as the health & lives of so many humans & animals and all in the name of politics and the all mighty dollar!

You see the only reason cannabis was prohibited is because a group of five very wealthy, greedy, and corrupt high powered business men/politicians who did not want to loose their life savings & businesses to cannabis; which was supposed to be the source for pretty much EVERYTHING on this planet beginning in the late 1920’s. Cannabis was going to be used for fuel, food, medicine, and over 5000 textiles and 50,000 products according to an article written in 1928 by the Popular Mechanics titled “Billion Dollar Crop”.

At the same time in the late 1920’s William Randal Hearst was an American newspaper publisher who built the nation’s largest newspaper chain including the New York Morning Journal and he had just bought millions of acres of timber forest which he intended to use to make paper for his ever more popular tabloid publications such as the Herald Examiner, and the Irrational Enquirer. However Hearst’s empire was doomed to collapse in a short period of time with the production of cannabis.

Another industry giant who was directly threatened by the production of cannabis was Lammont DuPont the owner of Petro Chemical a company that he had just bought along with the patents to make a dozen synthetic products from oil. And lets not forget the young pharmaceutical industry which was financed by two very powerful and corrupt bankers John D. Rockefeller (owner of Standard Oil) and Andrew Carnegie. These two individuals were conducting an all out campaign to eliminate the accepted natural herbal treatments including cannabis from the pharmacopoeia while trying to replace it with drugs created in the laboratories. H

earst and Dupont teamed up with Andrew Mellon; owner of Guelph oil and also an American banker, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, art collector, and most importantly the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom and United States Secretary of the Treasury; and thus was born this natural alliance between the synthetic textile industry, the oil industry, the producers of plastics and it derivatives, and the pharmaceutical industry. AND THEY ALL NEEDED TO GET RID OF THE COMMON ENEMY CANNABIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

So here we have five (5) very wealthy and corrupt individuals looking out for the best interest of their family fortunes and from that powerful position of United States Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon had appointed his future son in law, Harry Anslinger to be the new head of the federal burial of narcotics!

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