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Pink Floyd Recorded An Album That Was Too Trippy For Them
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After the immediate worldwide success of Dark Side of the Moon and the lengthy tour that followed its release, Pink Floyd’s album Harvest Records went on another chart-topping moneymaker and fast.

But when the Dark Side tour ended in June of 1973, the band took a break and went their own ways for four months. By the time the members of Pink Floyd reconvened at Abbey Road Studios to record their next album, they realized they had no idea what to record next.

How does a band top itself after they made one of the best selling albums of all time? If the band is Pink Floyd, they record an experimental concept piece without the use of any musical instruments. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Household Items, Pink Floyd’s lost album that ended up being too weird even for them.

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Tags Alan Parsons Pink Floyd Roger Waters

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