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LSD Can Get Deep Down and Reset the Brain – Like Shaking Up a Snow Globe
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The campaign to legalise LSD in Britain is gathering pace. Psychedelics may have a role to play in treating everything from alcohol addiction to Alzheimer’s disease to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The man who created AA almost had LSD as one of the steps as it’s so effective with helping break alcohol addiction…that and I know 3 people personally who’ve been able to get over alcoholism with the help of LSD and support of friends/family.

Psychedelics are highly misunderstood, they are tools, very useful tools. We need to learn how to use them properly again and we’ll achieve some extraordinary things. There’s a reason why they’ve been a part of our cultures worldwide for thousands and thousands of years, they are important and valuable.

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Tags AA Addiction Alcohol Alzheimer Drugs LSD Psychedelics

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