Send, Receive and Manage Twitter Messages in Microsoft Outlook

If you are a Twitter user and and Outlook user, why not combine the two? Personally I find myself using Digsby to look at other people’s tweets on my PC (I’ll post instructions at a later date) and Twittelator on my iPhone – but the Outlook plug-in OutTwit does come in handy for quick messages and archiving. And it’s free.

What can it do?

  • Update your Twitter status directly from Outlook.
  • Receive your friend updates as Outlook messages.
  • Archive, manage and search your tweets the same way you manage your email.
  • Track keywords. OutTwit will automatically download ALL tweets matching the keywords you specify, even if you are not following the tweet sender. This feature is perfect for keeping up to date with the the Twitter buzz on your name, brand, interests, etc.
  • Assign custom folder and categories to new messages.
  • Automatically sort new tweets into per-sender folders.
  • Shorten URLs with tinyurl.
  • See graphs of your Twitter usage statistics.
  • Tweets sent to you (@replies and direct) are marked with high importance, so you can see them at a glance.

How do you do it?

Download OutTwit, Close Outlook, Install Outwit and Restart Outlook. You’ll now see a bar that looks like this:

Hit the dropdown and select OPTIONS. Enter your Twitter username and password.


Now SELECT FOLDER -> PERSONAL FOLDERS -> NEW… -> and Name: name a new folder “Inbox Twitter” Like this:

I also changed the “Check For New Messages Every” to 20 minutes instead of 5. Figured I’d take a load off my server. Season to personal taste.

Final steps, In Outlook you have your mail “Favorite Folders” at the top on the left and your “Mail Folders” underneath that. Go to the Inbox Twitter that you just created, right click on it and select Add To Favorites.

Rearrange your favorites folder to taste. Here’s what mine looks like:

Ta-da! Twitter away!

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