Quickly Reduce the File Size of an Image with Microsoft Outlook

Sometimes when you want to upload photographs to online services or self-maintained systems like WordPress you may find yourself in the position of needing to reduce the file-size of the images. After all, your 8 mega-pixel camera takes pictures that are just that – around 8MB sometimes!

There are several programs you can use to reduce the file size of your images but if you have Microsoft Outlook installed then you have everything you need!

Here is a super-fast and easy way to reduce those image file sizes using Microsoft Outlook.

1 ) Put the original image files in one folder on your desktop.

2 ) Create another folder that will hold the set we will make. Lets name them “Start” and “Finish


3 ) Open the “Start” Folder, and select all the images in that folder.

– Highlight them all, or select one and then CNTRL-A to select all, etc.


4 ) While all of the files are selected, Right Click and SEND TO –> MAIL RECIPIENT


5 ) The “Send Pictures via E-Mail” prompt will open. Choose “MAKE ALL MY PICTURES SMALLER


6 ) Select the size you want, I usually use LARGE and I find this to be plenty of compression.

– In Vista the option for picture size appears as another window.
– In XP click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS link and the pop-up window will expand.


7 ) Give your computer a few seconds to work its magic. The more files you are reducing, the longer it will take. I have done over 100 at a time before – no problem.

8 ) An email message will appear with all of the reduced size files in the attachments area.

9 ) Select one of the attachments, hit CNTRL-A to select them all, and save them to the FINISH folder you created.


  • You can also click once on one of the files, then right click and choose SELECT ALL
  • Once all of the files are selected you can drag and drop them into the FINISH folder or cut and paste – whatever is easier for you!

Now you have a folder of images that are usually less than 100KB instead of 4-8 (or higher!) MB a piece.


How easy was that!

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