How To Update Your Facebook Status With Twitter

Would you like to be able to update your facebook status from your favorite Twitter program? Then let’s do it!

The inspiration?

Subject: How do I get my tweets from Twitter on Facebook?

“Dear Dan:  I noticed that you can update Facebook by posting on Twitter.  How did you get that to work?  Best, Julie”

Ok Julie, First Step, Log in to your facebook account.

Then, try this link to take you straight to the twitter application. If it has changed or doesn’t work, simply do a search from the facebook search box for” twitter” and choose the tab that says APPLICATION. You should see the twitter application listed like this:


Select VIEW APPLICATION and then from the Twitter application page select GO TO APPLICATION.

You will be asked to ALLOW ACCESS, do so!

Next, you will be asked to log in to your twitter account. Make it so. . . and you should see this:


Select the “Allow Twitter To Update Your Facebook Status” and then you have one more screen to go:


Allow the Status Update and your done! Twitter away with your favorite Twitter program and when you do, your facebook status will be updated.

A good first tweet? How about a link to this tutorial!

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