How to Mount an ISO File for Local Playback

Part Three Of Our Multi-Part DVD How-To!

1) How To Decrypt and Copy / Backup a DVD For Free
2) How To Copy an ISO File to a DVD
3) How to Mount an ISO File for Local Playback
4) How To Strip DVD Movies For Your Zune / Ipod / Iphone

So you made a backup copy of your favorite DVD and you now know how to burn that ISO file back to a DVD for safekeeping.

But let’s say you don’t want to carry around several DVD’s, yet you want them to be accessible for a vacation, business trip, etc.

If you have the ISO files saved on your hard drive you can use MagicDisk to create a “virtual” CD/DVD drive. Once you create a virtual drive you can “mount” the ISO image and it’s just like you popped the CD or DVD into your regular CD / DVD Drive. Sounds a little complicated? It’s not.

Here we go:

1) Download and install MagicDisk

2) You may be asked to reboot, if so, reboot.

3) You will now see and icon on your desktop and one in your tool tray.

If you don’t see one in your tool tray, find the MagicDisk icon on your desktop and click it to start the program. You may want to create a shortcut in your STARTUP folder so it launches when you boot.

4) Click the icon in your tool tray and you will get a pop-up menu:

5) Click Virtual CD/DVD-ROM -> NO MEDIA -> MOUNT …

6) Select the location of the ISO file (or any of the other supported filetypes) you want to mount.

7) The Autorun sequence will start up just as if you had popped a CD or DVD in a real drive!

Side note: If you were to click My Computer you will see that there is an additional CD/DVD drive available. This is the virtual drive we just created.

Imagine having 10 or 20 ISO images saved on your laptop and being able to watch movies just by loading them virtually! Not only does this cut down on the amount of stuff you need to carry, it prevents things from getting broken or stolen. Games will also run over 200x faster when mounted virtually.

But best of all – mounting images instead of loading disks increases your battery life because you are not spinning up a real CD or DVD drive!

When you are finished, UNMOUNT the image by following the same steps – and choosing UNMOUNT ALL DRIVES

MagicDisk has several more features you can explore – poke around! This is another fantastic Freeware program.

As always, if you have a better way of doing something I have mentioned or have questions / comments. Please let me know!

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