How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone

This is part 3 of the Outlook / iPhone Task syncing posts:

  1. How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free
  2. How To Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers
  3. How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone
  4. Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 application.

In part 1 you got the directions on How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free. Assuming everything is working for you here is the “Holy Grail” – How to get alert reminders on your iPhone for tasks that are due.

UPDATE: ToodleDo has released an application to the iTunes store for $3.99 Check out Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 application.

Step one:

*One way* computer to iPhone can be done by sending (brief) email messages to [email protected] These come to the phone via SMS messaging.

We need to figure out your Email to SMS gateway address. Sounds confusing? Not so much. In the US all iPhones are currently AT&T so your address is:

Preface it with your phone number so it looks like [email protected] or [email protected]

To test it, simply send yourself an email from outlook or whatever email program you choose. Once you send the email (Subject: Test, Body: This is a test, etc). You should get an SMS message on your iPhone in a matter of seconds after sending it.

I found that both addresses worked for me.

If you have a different carrier you can try checking this list of Email to SMS gateway Addresses.

Step Two:

You figured out the address. Now log into your free account at ToodleDo and go to the CONNECTIONS SETTINGS. Fill it in!

Keep in mind that you are 100% responsible for any fees charged by your carrier for receiving SMS messages. For this reason, you may want to set a daily limit. If you do not want a daily limit, just set it to 999.

Step Two and a Half:

Go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS and find Your Date / Time: – Make sure you have the correct time zone. This is key!

Now everything is in place to receive SMS reminders for tasks with due dates and due times. Did you catch that? Only tasks that have a due date and a due time will send reminders!

When you create a new task you have one of three programs to choose from. Outlook, ToodleDo or the ToDo application. Only Outlook and ToodleDo give you a field that has Due Date and Due Time. Hopefully the developers of ToDo will fix this oversight in the next release of their application. Their FAQ states “Todo does not currently support specific due times. We are planning to add support for this in a future release.” (You can email them and request it here. Might expedite the process.)

Ok, let’s create a new task:

In Outlook the Due Date and Due Time are called REMINDER.

In ToodleDo it is called . . wait a minute? Where is it? Yup, Due Date and Due Time are not displayed by default! No problem, simply go to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS: and select Fields Used:

Add Due Date and Due Time!

I set up an test appointment with the subject of “8pm” so in the example below imagine that instead of “8pm” it said “Don’t Forget To Buy Dan A Beer.

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