How To Add MMS Messaging to A Jailbroken iPhone Running 3.0

If you have a jailbroken iPhone that is running the 3.0 and want to add MMS capability to it read on!

Start by connecting your iPhone to your PC and closing iTunes

Next, download this file: ATT_US-5.5 and save it to your desktop

Nowwe need to get to a command prompt.

  • In Windows XP choose START – RUN – and type CMD the hit enter
  • In Windows Vista chose START and in the “Start Search” box type CMD and hit enter

Now you have a Command Prompt window open like this:

CMD Prompt

Type the following string EXACTLY as show and hit Enter:

“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1


If you get an error, you didn’t type it in exactly as shown above. If You hit Enter and iTunes opens – you didn’t type it in exactly as shown above.

Open iTunes manually

Select the iPhone you want to add MMS capabilty to. You can use the same computer to update several phones. I did both mine and my wife’s on my laptop.

Itunes My Phone

Now press the SHIFT key and click UPDATE (Notice that I have not updated my phone to version 3.1)

iTunes Update

In the bottom right-hand corner of the dialogue box is a drop-down box. Change it from “Ipod/IPhone Software (*.ipsw)” to “iPhone Carrier Configuration Files (*.ipcc)”

If you don’t have the ability to select “iPhone Carrier Configuration Files (*.ipcc)” then you missed something above. Most likely you didn’t enter the command correctly.

iPhone Carrier

Select the file you download earlier (ATT_US-5.5) and you will see the progress bar zip by as the change is applied.

Reboot your iPhone:

  • Hold down the Home button (that’s the big button in the lower front) and the Sleep / Wake button (that’s the little button on the top right) down.
  • Keep holding until you see the screen go black and then the Apple logo appear.

Once the phone has rebooted go to your messaging and select a contact to send a message to.

You will see the camera icon is now available:


Tap the camera icon, take a picture or choose an existing one . . .


YOU Sir or Ma’am, are ready to send MMS messages on OS 3.0!

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