GeoTagging! GeoTag Your Photos the Free and Easy Way

Have you ever seen someone’s photos online and noticed that there is a map showing exactly where the photo was taken? Ever wish the Latitude and Longitude information your iPhone attaches to photo’s was more accurate? Need to correct GeoData? No Problem! YOU can do it!

Here is a great freeware program to easily and quickly geotag your photos. When I say quickly, I mean I can do a hundred photos in a few minutes.

Before we get started, take a quick look at the posting on How To Manage Pictures From Multiple Digital Cameras – (Think Family Vacations, Out with friends, Company Picnic, etc. . . )

Ready Freddie? Go download and install GeoSetter from Here.

You’re back! Great! Start up GeoSetter and you should have a screen that looks like this:

The first thing you will notice is that the map defaults to Berlin.

Let’s fix that. First, Click the pencil icon under the map. This will expand the Edit Fields

Next, lets enter a location we want the map to default to every time we open this program. You enter your address, I’ll enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Type your address in the Search field and select Search.

You will see a red upside-down tear drop marker. Zoom in a little bit on the map, get comfortable moving it around.

That red marker is key! The latitude and longitude of that marker will be transferred to our photos when we geotag them. If you click on the map you will notice that the marker moves around. This is how you correct the geotag location or make it more exact. How easy is that?!

Lets add your address to your GeoSetter favorites.

Got the marker on your house? Right above the search box, next to the Favorite field, select Add/Edit…

Give the location a name (Like Home) and then click the Get From Web bar to auto-populate the additional data:

Select OK and you will see that Home is on the Favorite location now! Feel free to add a few more places where you regularly take photos. (Work, Lake House, Neighbor’s Back Yard, Etc.) This will be such a time saver later!

Now that you have your home location saved, lets setup GeoSetter so that your default location is your home instead of the City of Berlin. Du bist kleine Berliner!

Select File -> Settings -> Map and then in the Initial Map Position box hit the drop down and use the location of your choice ( like Home!) Select OK at the bottom and you’re done!


Now that you have GeoSetter all configured, lets start at the beginning – GO!

1) Open GeoSetter

2) Navigate to the folder where your photos are stored

3) Select the location the photos were taken by:
– Choosing a stored Favorite, or
– Entering an Address and selecting Search, or
– Navigating the map manually and clicking on it so the red tear drop is where the photo was taken.

4) With the teardrop in position, Select photos taken at that location!
– Click a photo on the left and it will get a blue outline, that means it is selected
– Click one and type CNTRL-A to highlight all the photos in a folder.
– Holding down ALT will allow you to click on several photos:

Got the photos selected that you want to tag from the teardrop’s position? Hit the Assign Position Marker To Selected Image button:

You will see the GeoData in red under the photos you selected! If you make a mistake – No Problem! Just repeat the process to fix a bad location.

Continue on geotagging all of the photos you have in the folder. When you are finished you simply need to select the SAVE icon!

You will see a progress bar under the photos and the red data will change to black when it has been written to the photograph.

You’re done! How easy was that!

For advanced users – if you use a GPS tracking device like a Garmin Forerunner, you can import the data into GeoSetter and have it automatically GeoTag the photos! I love this feature!

Photo’s are geotagged, upload ’em to Picasa Web or your favorite photo storage location.

Questions or comments? Leave em here!

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