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Sync Two Microsoft Outlook Calendars – With Google!

I have a personal laptop at home that has my personal calendar stuff in it. At my office I have a different laptop that uses Microsoft exchange and has my work calendar information.

I want the two to merge – to be the same – to show evening appointments in my work calendar and daytime meetings in my home calendar. (The exchange server detail isn’t important, it just happens to be what my company uses. This will work on any plain old Outlook calendars)

By synchronizing the two,  when I dock my iPhone at home I get both my personal and business appointments on it. If I change jobs I can just decouple the business laptop calendar and life moves on.

Easy Cheesy McPheesy:

Now, when you add an appointment at home, it syncs to Google Calendar, in a few minutes your work laptop syncs as well and ads the appointment to your work computer. Delete an business appointment, it syncs to Google, then Syncs with home and the appointment is removed from all three!

Another added benefit is the ability to see your complete calendar online.

One note: Mark any personal appointments you don’t want the world to see as Private and when your boss looks at your calendar in Exchange he won’t see that you are taking banjo lessons every Tuesday at 11 or going to Office Supply Kleptomaniac’s Anonymous twice a week.


  • Ralph

    Too bad, what a waste of time using Outlook 2007 or it’s calendars, you cannot syncronize with ‘Live’ calendar, MSN calendar nor can you syncronize with another calendar within Outlook. Why doesn’t Microsoft get this? You should be able to syncronize ANY Microsoft program calendar, at any time…

      • TrayJay

        Have you actually tried this? I think you are mistaken on this point – I do not think that Windows Live and Outlook (2007) Calendars can be synchronized using Outlook Connector. Microsoft is uning the language, but not "walking the walk". One can bring the Windows Live Calendar into Outlook and modify it there (with changes reflected back to the online location), however there is no feature supporting sync between the Outlook and Win Live calendars that I can find. In effect, one gets 2 separate calendars in Outlook, and they stay separate and cannot be synched.

        If this experience seems incorrect, please advise how one actually performs the sync function between the Outlook and Window's live calendars in Outlook. Thanks,

  • Neil Witherow

    Is that true? I would also like to sync Outlook calendar with a Windows Live calendar.
    I already have my Windows Live mail account on my outlook, so if I can figure out how to merge (not just overlay) my 2 outlook calendars, then I assume this would automatically sync, so when I access my Windows Live account online from a different computer, it will be the same calendar
    I would appreciate any help.

  • Ralph Morgan

    It seems to me that Microsoft is encouraging Outlook users to abandon Microsoft and go to Google or others… I also have a ‘Live’ account and cannot sync both calendars. Either arrogance or just plain stupidity on Microsoft’s part in my opinion. I am also looking to replace both programs.

  • Daniel Curran

    @Neil Witherow
    @Ralph Morgan

    Have you tried the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector

    With Microsoft Office Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages and contacts for free!

  • Ralph Morgan


    I got your response, that does not relate to the original problem, the CALENDAR! I get my Hotmail and Live email, no problem…

    Can you address the calendar issue between Live and Outlook that I earlier stated?


  • Neil Witherow

    Thanks for the response, Daniel.
    I have Outlook Connector, and I have Office Live Workspace also, and I still can’t figure out how to get my Outlook Calendar online from a different computer. Is there a way, or do I have to open a Google account to do this?
    It seems that Ralph and I are asking the same question.
    Also, it seems that you can transfer and overlay (if wanted) a Live calendar to Outlook, but you can’t synchronize (or merge) them, and you also can’t transfer Outlook Calendar to Live Calendar. Right?

  • dancurranjr

    Reading up on this myself it looks like Microsoft is in the midst of upgrading all of their live services. My understanding is that there is no way to do the sync you are trying to do – at the moment. This may change when they roll out the news services.

    I agree that it is VERY surprising and frustrating..

  • dawn murray

    i am also looking to merge my office outlook calender with my lap top outlook calender. Just so i have understood everybody, the way to do it at the moment is with Download Google Calendar Sync
    is this correct
    thank you for your help

  • dancurranjr

    No problem. If you log into windows as John Doe, you have unique Outlook settings in the windows account. Sync Outlook to "Shared" google calendar.

    Now log into windows as Jane Smith, you have unique Outlook settings in that windows account. Sync Jane's Outlook to the shared Google Calendar and will will also grab the stuff from John Doe's.

    Log back in a John Doe, Jane Smith stuff is in the google calender so when John's account syncs — tada!

  • Beck

    I run multiple Outlook calendars and want to be able to sync them into a master calendar. Any ideas on how I could do this (preferably easily and painlessly)? Many thanks for any assistance anyone can offer. The Microsoft help isn't very . . . .

    • dancurranjr

      The hard part is syncing back to the laptops and keeping the info unique. It wont work with this method.

      When laptop A syncs to master, then Laptop B syncs to master – Master has the data from both. But Master will update A with the data it got from B and B with the data it got from A so you end up with 3 identical calendars – A, B and Master.

      You COULD do one-way sync from A and B to master – then Master would have data from both but changes to master will not be reflected in A or B

      • Beck

        My situation is not so much one of synching from laptop to laptop etc, its that I run multiple calendars (room and resource bookings) that then need to be synch'd to a master calendar. This is so that the staff who need to attend to matters relating to bookings only have one place to look to see what's happening around the place. At the moment, I am transferring manually, but there's always the potential of missing something or dragging it into the wrong day. Maybe there's a simple solution (gee I hope so), but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Kurt W

    Dan, Will this techniques allow for changes to an appointment by one computer changes or updates on the other computer? I've been using a 3rd ware company called Share-O which send email packets between the two computers and it updates the appointment when changed on either computer, now I am starting to have issues with the software, and it also updates my contacts from one computer to another (I am trying to have my work outlook (exchange server) mirror my personal computer at home which is running Mobile Me for my Iphone. Just curious if you think this Google Solution will afford me the ability to synch two versions of Outlook on two different computers? – Thanks!

    • dancurranjr

      That is exactly what it will do. If I make a change to my home laptop (add calendar entry, change one) it syncs to my work laptop and vice versa. My contacts are synced via MobileMe from my home laptop to my iPhone – I don't want them synced to work laptop but I suppose you could with MobileMe as well.

  • Jackie

    All the questions and responses further confuse. I have been using outlook2003 (for calendar and contacts) on m desktop. I have a new laptop. I setup outlook with no problem. The problem is that the laptop has the 2007 version of outlook. I need to know how to get my 2003 calendar and contacts into the 2007 version. Certainly it is something simple like 'import' the old into the new!

    • dancurranjr

      Piece of Cake: In Outlook 2003 go to FILE –> IMPORT EXPORT –> EXPORT TO A FILE –> PST –> Select your mailbox and click INCLUDE SUBFOLDERS

      Reverse the process (Import) in Outlook 2007

    • DByrd

      I had the same problem with 2003/2007, except importing a calendar created another calendar in the folder (Calendar1). To "sync" the two (i.e. merge the old to the new), use the EXPORT to an iCalendar (.ics) file from 2003. Then use the IMPORT .ics file in 2007 to import into the new, blank calendar.

      I have a suspicion that it might overwrite everything that is currently there, but there are several options to check up on in this process…

    • steve

      Save everything to a .pst file (go to File – export) save it to a location on a networked drive. Then on the new laptop import the .pst file and you are all set, it is easy.

  • Star

    I am trying to sync two different outlook calendars using google calendars. I created a google calendar account. I open it and see a blank calendar. How do I add / sync my two outlook calendars? Thanks!

    • dancurranjr


      * Download Google Calendar Sync on both computers
      * Make sure you have a free account from Google Calendars
      * Install the software on both computers and select 2-way
      * Select sync every 20 minutes.

  • Michael

    Hi Mr. Curran, What about Yahoo? Can I sync my Pocket PC (calendar and contacts), Yahoo contacts and email (including subfolders) and my Outlook (both 2003 & 2007)?

  • Lydia

    I imported my general shared office account to my personal calendar – is there anyway to undo this import or erase that data?

  • Don

    I use Outlook 2003 as the client email software to connect to multiple email account – corporate exchange server (work), gmail IMAP account (personal), and windows live MAPI account (volunteer group). In Outlook each account has a calendar associated with it so when I get a meeting request via email and accept the request the meeting gets placed on the associated calendar. Is there a way to synchronize the calendars? It would work best for me if all calendars had all appointments.

  • N Xerri

    I wonder if somebody can help me out on this? I have MS Outlook 2007. I did manage to sync my google calednar with Outlook. My friends are sharing their google calendar with me. Is it possible to view their calendar items on my Outlook as well? If yes, how?

  • N Xerri

    I wonder if somebody can help me out on this? I have MS Outlook 2007. I did manage to sync my google calednar with Outlook. My friends are sharing their google calendar with me. Is it possible to view their calendar items on my Outlook as well? If yes, how?

  • Sanjay

    I have two laptop PCs & one Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone. I want to keep the contacts & calendars in sync on all three devices without having to manually sync the devices. Going by discussion above it seems I can sync my two laptops but only the calendars. How to sync these 3 devices over the internet automatically is my problem? Any solutions?

  • R. Lange

    @ Sanjay

    I feel your pain. I also have two laptops and WinMo phone. I'm currently using the phone as the shuttle between the laptops but alas, it still requires a connection. I'm looking for the true Microsoft Cloud based sync as I think everyone else here is too. It must be standards based so that I can slip a rebel client into the mix in the future (Android?) and support the full sync featurs of Outlook and One Note.

  • Kellie

    My question is simply this: How do i get my mobile device to sync BOTH overlay calendars showing in Outlook? (Not answered, unless i'm just not getting it, which could be!) PLEASE Help me in simple terms?!?!

  • Joe

    It's been asked but I don't see a solution. I am running two outlook profiles on one computer and need to sync the two calendars. I've gone the google sync route. If neither of my outlook profiles is open it asks which profile to sync. If I'm not at the computer this request eventually times out and then I get the "Problem encountered, needed to shut down" error and also the "problem with Outlook plugin…"
    Question: Is there a way to make the sync process ONLY manual? Leaving the time between syncs with no value results in a 10 minute default when saved. I am now trying with it set at 7200 minutes. I'll still get the errors but at least not as often – til I can find a better solution for syncing.

  • Peter Brumby

    My problem too! Why on earth can't MS just come up with a simple way of combining two calendars instead pof relying on a third party? You pay enoughh for the product.


  • Bill

    Can I just copy my outlook calander file "documents/outlook outlook.pst" into the same folder on my laptop and, then when I've made changes on my laptop and get back to the office, copy the same files from my laptop outlook folder to my desktop? A bit cumbersome but you won't need a thrid party program (google calander). Also,will it work?

  • Bert

    I just figured out how to merge two Outlook 2007 calendars. Maybe this will help some of you. When viewing the calendars right click on the calendar tab you want to export. (The main calendar tab only reads "Calendar". Other calendars will show their respsective title i.e. "US Holidays" or whatever it happens to be. After right-clicking on the tab select "Save as…" and pick a name for it. Save the file as an iCalendar format file (.ics) Then click on the "File" menu in Outlook, then "Import and Export". Select "Outlook" from that menu. A window prompting you for a file type and name will open. Select the .ics format file you just saved. Outlook will then ask you if you want to create a new calendar with that file or import it into your main calendar. Select the import option and voila.
    I've used it to merge the holidays calendar and my friend's birthdays. Odds are that it will not work properly if you cancel a lot of events such as meetings or appointments because they will not be erased when you merge the new file.

    • Peter

      This was what I needed, with one addition. Before doing the Save, I needed to select the More Options button, then select Show the Advanced details at the bottom and include both options there: "Include details of items marked Private" and "Include attachments within calendar items." I got a warning that some attachment types weren't supported, but I think it was just some sort of hidden attachment or formatting, not a file I had actually attached to my appointment.

    • Celeste

      Hi Bert, I tried using your advice, but I have Outlook 2010 and it does not give the option to save. I may be looking at it on the wrong place. Do I open my outlook, click on Calender and then right click on the calender tab under 'MY Calenders'? I really need to get this right so that I can always see (on my iPad) what appointments I have for the day without phoning my secretary all the time to get it.



  • Patrick Ward

    Hi, I have a bit of a curly add-on to this topic! I want to use Pocket Informant on my iPhone 3gs as my calendar and todo manager because I really like the way it works, displays etc. So using the Google solution is how I have approached it; I set up Google on my home PC, synched it with my home Outlook and then synched Google with Informant. That leaves getting my work calendar onto my home Outlook. My work Outlook is part of the network, so do you think that will still work? I have web access to Outlook anyway so our ITS Administrators may not be sympathetic with my need to set up Google on a PC at work. Questions then; 1. do you think I can use the web access to somehow manage this, either directly into Google, or into my home Outlook then to Google? and 2. do you think that the solution you used with your laptops would work from my work network Outlook via PC to my home PC Outlook? Hope you can help; getting a headache!!

  • David

    Does this function require the two computer to be both on and outlook opened? The Google Calendar Sync is an app running in the background, so unless the Outlook folder (MS Exchange based) has to be on the updated it folder before the Google Sync can sync it to Google Calendar, and each calendar works with only the Google Sync running on that PC, right?

  • Fred

    I also used the transfer of a .ics file to bring my work calendar to my home laptop as bert suggested a few posts back. It works but many of my appointments ended up being doubled (I used to sync via iPaq but the Army unauthorized their use). is there anyway to do this without the same appointment being copies not the calender as a second appointment?

    I cannot use google or other sync software. the Army has tightened down most outside access for security reasons and i cannot install any software on my work computer.

  • Sync

    I've just started using Sync Toy 2.0, and it's worked well for syncing folders and such, although I was curious if anyone has tried syncing Outlook calendar & tasks using it..?

  • Lesley

    Bert, are there a couple steps missing? I'm trying to merge my work calendar with the calendar on my home computer. Don't I have to email the .ics file to my home, save it on that computer, and then import it into Outlook at home?

  • Jaralan

    This is one of those things that Microsoft totally misses the boat on and why Google is taking market share from MS. The idea of syncing you office computer, home computer and laptop (and cellphone) is a no brainer. I have been doing that with Lotus Notes for years. I have one calender which I can open up at home, at work or on my laptop when I am on the go. Anything I change on one calendar automatically changes the other calendars. I just replicate to the server and it's done. Now MS is offering this "Live" service for which I personaly have no use for but if the service could be used to sync calendars, e-mail and contacts. Viola, that would be a huge benefit. What the heck is MS thinking about? Duh!!!

  • maty

    my iffice server doesn't support the xp file, it keeps coming up with "google calender is only supported on microsoft windows xp or microsoft windows vista" yet the compony server runs on windows. my calender is identicle to the office server one. how do i overcome this issue?

  • Bill

    You can get Microsoft Exchange from "" for $6.95 a month and instantly synch all the computers/laptops you want. It took me almost a week to get it worked out calling tech but they always are there 24/7 and you usually get Bombay India with only a minute or two wait time.

  • Bruce

    Thanks, Bert. The export & import worked well. Only things needing editing were adding back categores and the odd "Private Appointment" added which may have been placed where I had previously deleted items. I'm still amazed that this was the second page I went to from the list displayed after pressing Help (F1) while viewing the calendar in Outlook 2007.

  • John

    I'm still struggling with this. I would like to be able to share calendars with a couple others on our local network, not on an Internet server. Is there a way to share calendars or let others access your calendar on a local network?

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