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Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers

This is part 2 of a 3 or 4 part series. . .

  1. How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free
  2. How To Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers
  3. How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone
  4. Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 application.

I’ll update the links in the posts so everything is cross referenced as I go.

To get Outlook tasks to sync to more than one computer just follow these steps on all the computers you want to sync:

Step 1. Set up a free account at The direct link for a new account is right here.

That should have taken you about 15 seconds. Let’s move on to step 2.

Step 2. Close Outlook, download Chromatic Dragon’s Toodledo Sync Application and install it.

Almost done! The sync application will want your Toodledo ID number. Leave it open on the tab that wants the ID number.

Step 3. Log into Toodledo and from the menu on the left select Account Settings. On that page you will see your Unique ID, simply copy and paste it into the sync program that you left open.

On the Synchronization tab you can change your Automatic Synchronization to whatever works for you. I don’t add tasks very often so once every 60 minutes is fine for me. To close the Options window select File -> Close. You will see a green checkmark icon in your tool tray. Right click it and hit Manual Sync.

Outlook is now synchronized to ToodleDo. For every computer you do this to, they will all fall into lockstep with one another. Change a task on your work computer? It will sync to ToodleDo, which will sync to your Home computer.

And, as addressed in How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free – you can see the whole shebang on your iPhone!

Next up – getting alerts for task reminders on your iPhone!

Comments and Observations are encouraged – Let me know if you have found a better way if if this works great for you!


  • Bob

    I need to transfer messages from my laptop copy of Outlook to that on my desktop, preserving all details- sate, sender etc
    How can I do this?
    With thanks

  • Daniel Curran

    Easy one!

    FILE –> Import and Export -> Export to a file –>PST

    Follow the logic from there! If you are really stuck I can do a full posting but once the info is exported you just IMPORT it into the new Outlook

  • Dan

    My Outlook tasks randomly come up with due dates that are sometimes 100 years in advance. This happens on tasks I've created without a duedate and ones that I have manually added. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly when it happens; seems to happen when I sync with my blackberry, but it's also happened when I haven't. Any ideas?

  • dcneuro

    I did this and it did work. However, when I did the same thing on my second computer, Everything doubled and now I have two of each task on two computes, toodledo, etc. I used the same "unique id" on both computers. Was this correct? How do I remedy this? I am afraid to continue syncing as I may get four of everything, etc…


    Dr. S.

  • Spence

    The "doubling" problem also is an issue when using Plaxo to sync tasks. I have yet to find a way around it. I had hoped that ToodleDo would work, until I read the above post.


  • Andrew

    Everything worked until I uploaded a new version of Chromatic Dragon's Todo Sync and then synchronisation failed with 'there is an error in XML document"

  • Jan

    Has anyone had a problem with installing Toodledo? I have DreamWeaver installed on my PC. When I installed Toodledo (on my second computer), I didn't get the checkmark icon in the bottom right nor the program on my start menu. So, I went into the exe file for Toodledo under the programs folder and when I double clicked on it, it opened up DreamWeaver.

    • Tam

      Im getting this error as well. After the ToodleDo sync software is installed, no shortcuts, or even folder is created, even if the software says it has finished installing…….weird.

  • bytemi

    I just want to say "THANK YOU" for this post. My life is complete again. As a former Executive Assistant, IT Manager, and now small business owner; I LIVE in Outlook. I was applying my own Getting Things Done thought process before he even wrote the book (using my Tasks heavily), and syncing them from my main PC to several laptops, and my PocketPC's…oh, and my Media PC. I have been a MSN Premium member with Outlook Connector for years where the syncing of these was a feature I paid for and loved. Since the new release of Windows Live, the new Outlook Connector only syncs Mail, Calendar, and Contacts…not Tasks. This has been a major complaint to MSN but for now…there is no resolution.

    So, I am letting you know that it has been successful for me so far with 3 different computers and my PocketPC. I still have Outlook Connector installed for all the other stuff and it appears not to conflict with the sync for Toodledo. I do not have a duplication problem (as stated in previous posts with Google). I also am Beta testing Outlook 2010 (with the beta Outlook Connector) on one of the computers mentioned above. So far so good! Again, thank you!

  • Edwin

    Toodledo is on the internet. Meaning security can be compromised by hackers especially with sensitive data. Is there another way bypassing the internet?

  • Small Business Owner

    Works great just need a way to sync multiple task lists – one for work and one for home. I only see the tasks for my primary outlook task list.

  • Kathy

    How do I sync Microsoft Outlook 2007 with my 64 bit Windows Vista Laptop at home and my Windows XP at work? I specifically want to be able to combine my work calendar and home calendar, and if possible send a link to my husband at work (and to the kids' iPods) that will automatically update so he (they have) has a copy of the family schedule as well. I have tried the Google calendar and the Microsoft Live Hotmail type calendar. I like the flexibility of the Google calendar main page on iGoogle, but Windows Messenger was able to add all my contacts, including Facebook which will be extremely helpful.

    I found a roadblock with the iGoogle version and a 64 bit operating system. Therefore, I am leaning towards the Microsoft Live version, but want to be able to make all of the calendar additions, etc. in Microsoft Outlook.
    Also, between all of us we have 8 email accounts. Can I route all these into one? Some are not POP3 accounts.
    Hope you can help as I have run out of ideas!

  • Valerie Braun

    I do not post on Facebook, I do not Tweet, I am aging and resisting every form of social networking there is. I must post here. I spent (wasted) a month with trials of myriad programs trying to sync Outlook on my PC and laptop. I had paid for Outlook 2010 and wanted to use it. At this point, with no luck, I was ready to tear my thinning hair out. Then I ran across this post. I followed the instructions and this is ABSOLUTELY THE ONLY THING that worked. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!

    Valerie Braun

  • Bob Cullahan

    There is a free tool to sync Outlook between two computers:

    I use it my office to share outlook between my and my coworker. We share calendars and contacts. Sharing Outlook tasks is also possible. But I don't know if it's possible in a freeware version. The full version is for $50 or $60 for two machines. Cool stuff.

  • Brian

    I know this is an old thread, but, has anyone figured out a solution to the "doubling" issue noted above in dcneuro's post of 106 weeks ago?

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  • Iraqi Dinar

    I did this and it did work. However, when I did the same thing on my second computer, Everything doubled and now I have two of each task on two computes, toodledo, etc. I used the same "unique id" on both computers. Was this correct? How do I remedy this? I am afraid to continue syncing as I may get four of everything, etc…

  • John Johnson

    The alternative solution – Sync2, desktop app for all your devices. It allows to synchronize multiple Outlook Calendars, Contacts and Tasks with your Google Accounts, set up two-way or one-way synchronization, choose the sync direction and more. Try here:

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