• Therese

    Thanks for this simple but brilliant post. I've been searching everywhere on how to set up multiple email accounts in Outlook 2007. Every one of them was very lengthy in explanations. Finally stumbled on your post, and was able to do it easily. Thanks again!

  • Peggy Ann

    I freaked out and a friend sent me this site. Thank you for the quick and easy explantion my 3 companies thank you.

  • Alan

    i've got 2 home computers. 1 running office 2007 (upstairs)the other running office 2003( downstairs). I would like to have both pc's running outlook at the same time and the ability to receive emails using the same account on both and share calendar and contacts. How can I do this? Thanks in advance ….

  • patrice

    i've got windows 7 and i don't see a mail option or additional options under control panels
    any suggestions? thank you!

    • Lindsay

      It will show under the User Accounts- or you can switch your control mail from Category or Large Icons and it should show. Also, you will not have a Mail option in the control panel if you dont have Outlook installed.

  • Rob Rogers

    Mate, you are a star, thank you so much for posting this, it is about the easiest explanation I could have possibly hoped for. BRILLIANT!!

  • Raymond Head

    Great instructions, Daniel !
    What's the simplest, most efficient way for me configure Outlook so I can "see" and manage all 4 of my email accounts when I open up Outlook… with 4 separate folders for incoming and sent mail… so that, at a glance I can see all 4 accounts listed, with the number of "new" messages on the right side of each account… open them up one at a time to see my new messages ?

    It doesn't matter if it takes alot of steps to set this up… the end result is worth it to me. And probably to a lot of other people, as most folks have at least a couple of email accounts to manage.

    Thank you very much for your assistance!

    Raymond Head

  • Keith

    Dear friend: this is just what I need. For your information, I successfully set up my two accounts as you advised. However, when I open outlook, there is only one account open. When I try to open the second outlook, the same account is open.

    My qeustion for you is how I can open my second account when I have opend my first account. Canyou please send your advise to my email account?



  • Maily

    plz i need answer for the Keith's question???.
    how I can open my second account when I have opend my first account. Canyou please send your advise to my email account?.
    Awaiting for your prompt reply

    • Lindsay

      Actually you can (well you can't open two profiles at once but you can create a profile for one then add another account in Outlook under that same profile- they will create their own data PST files)- once you've already created a email profile stay in the Mail Profile Screen, make sure you select/highlight the profile that you just created- click Properties- Email Accounts- when that opens click on New- fill out your second email settings- when you open outlook you will see both accounts on the left side- the first should be on the top while the second one should be below it. If you are using a hosted microsoft exchange account you will have to contact your exchange provider because it isn't the same process- they will have to set that up for you.

  • Sarah

    For those searching for the mail option in vista go to Control Panel – View 32-bit Control Panel Items. Here you will find mail.

  • Dwayne

    question I've got three diffrent users that want to use outlook 2010 how do I keep each one from reading each others E-mail.

    • thebaios

      1.: Create three different password-protected _User accounts_
      2.: Login with the first account name and pass
      3.: Start Outlook and create his/her mail account. Test if it is working.
      4.: Logout and login to the next account.
      Repeat 3-4 until everyone's account is created. Outlook handles different user's account(s) separately.
      That's all.

      • Jean

        I have multiple profiles all connecting to an exchange server. Users use one login, so they can see each other’s emails by just clicking cancel instead of logging in. Is there a way to fix that. Also closing out seems to cache the login so it does not prompt the next person to login. Example: they log onto the computer using the user Staff. Clerk1 clicks on outlook selects her profile logs in reads email logs out. Clerk2 clicks on outlook and accidentally selects Clerk1, clicks on cancel, but then Clerk1 inbox shows up. Didn’t have this in Outlook 2003

  • Rose

    Your steps were very simple and effective. Now my profiles are setup how can I view or easily switch from one email account/profile to the next without having to close out the program(Outlook)? Thanks

  • James

    My wife and I have two (separate domain) Microsoft Exchange email accounts. I understand how to have two profiles but is it possible for those profiles to be two separate Microsoft Exchange accounts? If so should they each be using the same .pst file?
    I dont seem to be able to make it happen…

  • Robert G MacIvor

    How do I setup two sets of contacts within outlook 2013?
    I have a smartphone and use Kies to transfer outlook information to it but I don’t require all of the addresses that I have on my desktop/laptop for day to day usage.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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