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Preview a PowerPoint Presentation, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet In Outlook 2007

Reader D. Rogers Asked:

“Is there a way to embed a powerpoint document in Outlook so that you can actually view the presentation from the body of the email?”

Yes there is! If you are using Outlook 2007 there is a built-in preview function. There are two ways to use it.

I personally like to use the Reading Pane function in Outlook (set to the right) to see the entire body of an email message I have selected. To enable this option open Outlook and select View -> Reading Pane:

Then, click on an email in your inbox that contains a PowerPoint attachment (or a Word Document or Excel File) and you will see the following warning:

Selecting Preview File will start the preview engine and you will see the contents of the attachments right in the the email message itself!

If you choose not to use the reading pane, you can open any email with a previewable attachment and you will get the same option to preview the file:

Select Preview File and and you never have to fire up PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc – the contents of the file will be viewed right in the email body!


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