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How To Use Spell Check in an Excel Spreadsheet or Workbook

This came up in a conversation with my boss . .  How do you spell check Excel?

There are two ways, you can check a single spreadsheet or an entire workbook.

To check a single sheet

  1. Click where where you want to start the spell check.
    • If you click in the first cell (a1) it will check the entire sheet.
    • If you click in cell zz99 it will start spell checking from there.
    • If you select a range of cells only those cells will be checked.
  2. Go to the Ribbon.
  3. Select the Review tab.
  4. Select Spelling.

To spell check all of the sheets in a workbook:

  1. Right-click on a sheet tab at the bottom of your Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Click Select All Sheets.
  3. Go to the Ribbon.
  4. Select the Review tab.
  5. Select Spelling.

For a shorcut to any of these procedures you can simply make your selection and then press F7 on your keyboard.

If you are not an F7 remembering type of person try this:

  1. Go to the Review tab
  2. Right click on Spelling
  3. Select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar
  4. Right click in the ribbon and make sure you select “Show Quick Access Toolbar

I like my quick access tool bar at the top of Excel as well, like this:

So no more mispllled werds in Excell!


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