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How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone (For Free)

This post is going to be divided into several parts:

  1. How To Sync Outlook Tasks With Your iPhone, For Free
  2. How To Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers
  3. How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone

Let’s start with how you can sync your Microsoft Outlook Tasks to your iPhone for free.

I have read several articles about how to do this but I found the process to be convoluted. Let me make it very simple.

Step 1. Set up a free account at The direct link for a new account is right here.

That should have taken you about 15 seconds. Let’s move on to step 2.

Step 2. Close Outlook, download Chromatic Dragon’s Toodledo Sync Application and install it.

Almost done! The sync application will want your Toodledo ID number. Leave it open on the tab that wants the ID number.

Step 3. Log into Toodledo and from the menu on the left select Account Settings. On that page you will see your Unique ID, simply copy and paste it into the sync program that you left open.

On the Synchronization tab you can change your Automatic Synchronization to whatever works for you. I don’t add tasks very often so once every 60 minutes is fine for me. To close the Options window select File -> Close. You will see a green checkmark icon in your tool tray. Right click it and hit Manual Sync.

Outlook is now synchronized to ToodleDo.

Ready for the iPhone part?

Ok, 2 ways to do this. The Free Way and the $10.00 way.

The free way? Toodledo now has an iPhone optimized version of their powerful, easy to use task manager. Just point your iPhone webbrowser to and book mark it to your iPhone Home Screen. (Hit the + and select Home Screen, I renamed mine to “Tasks”)

Now you have the tasks that were in Outlook right there on Your iPhone screen!

Make a change on your iPhone and it will sync back to Outlook!

There is also a third party iPhone / iPod touch application that will synchronize with Toodledo and allow you to work offline. This application is called Todo and is available from Appigo on the iTunes App Store for about $10 but to be honest I don’t see the advantage of paying for it.

Do this for me, use the free way I described. I have the Todo software and will write another post later about the differences and let you know if it’s worth the $10.

UPDATE: ToodleDo has released an application to the iTunes store for $3.99 Check out Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 application.

So look for 3 more articles coming up:

  1. How To Sync Outlook Tasks Between Two or More Computers
  2. How To Get Alerts for Tasks on your iPhone
  3. Sync Tasks: ToodleDo Free Link vs. the ToDo $10 application.

Questions? Let me know and I’ll answer them in the comments for this posting.


  • ben

    It's not working, I used this on my old computer and it worked fine but now I get nothing. anyone have any idea whats wrong or experiencing the same problem? I have no idea what to do and I'm going crazy here!

  • Amy Henderson

    I am about to get my new iPhone 3G and want to sync Outloo 2003 tasks, future calendar/appointments and contacts. Is there anyone in the L.A. area who would be equipped/experienced to set this up onsite for me???

  • Gene

    Thank you! I already have the Action Lists app on my iPhone, but I realized later that it was an offshoot from the Book Getting Things Done, which I both read and listened to (audiobook) and made dramatic performance/streamlined my workload. Make sure to pick those up as well and apply the lessons they teach you there. This application is only working at half speed without.

  • Michael Clark

    Thanks for the step by step instructions – it appears that a task created in Outlook by simply dragging an email and identifying it as a Task – will not be synched. Only manually created tasks are synched. Anyone else experienced this?

  • Griz066

    I keep getting an annoying msg every time i sync, it asks if i want to allow an application to access my email addresses. I hit allow, but it only gives the option to allow for a max of 10 mins. is there a way to fix that?

  • DSM

    More Information is needed here. Many people have probably setup their Outlook environment with a specific arrangement of folders and categories. What needs to be explained in here is how that will sync to Toodledo and the iPhone. In other words:

    * What is mapped to Toodledo folders?
    * What is mapped to Toodledo contexts?
    * What is mapped to Toodledo tags?
    * How much of that can be controlled?
    * Does the sync process make assumptions on the setup of Outlook and Toodledo?

  • Peter

    Hi! I have just installed the program on my pc and yes! it syncs… But… Im using "Outlook 2007 with business contact manager" at the office… BCM makes their own tasks and put them among the "normal" tasks… These tasks wont sync… Does anyone know how to get theses tasks to be synced too?

    Im running a small company and I cant afford to buy a fancy CRM-program with high monthly fees so if there is a way to get this synced I would be in paradise! Then I could hit the road, visit customers and making new appointment while on my way to another! (instead of planning for one week and visit customers the other…)
    Excuse my English (im Swedish)

  • rudy

    anyone know how to get Outlook 2007 to-dos to sync with Toodledo? I can get sync with Outlook tasks, but not with Outlook to-dos….

  • David

    I have seen several posts with these questions, but no answers. Does anyone know:
    1. Why only a subset of my outlook tasks will sync to my iphone/toodledo?
    2. How to preserve the structure of outlook categories in transfer to the iphone?

  • David

    I may have just solved one of my questions that may be of help to others
    It appears that my outlook contexts that begin with "@" or "." (as preferred by many GTDers) do not translate into toodledo folders.

    When I changed @Projects context in outlook to aProjects, I went from no files to 25 in that folder

  • Ian H

    Hi Does anyone know how to add extra fields for contact name and phone details
    Right now I get the task across from Outlook but need to pull across the name and phone details to make it useable

  • Gianni

    We use Microsoft Exchange with Outlook i have problem synchronizing Task with my iPjone.
    I followed all the instructions but i gor the following message on the Toodledo Synchronization Application Options: Error During Synchronization – Could not initialize Outlook Interface.
    Someone has some info on how to solve the problem?

  • KMH

    Blackberry wins again. No fooloing around with different apps to get your tasks. If your an exchange user blackberry wins hands down.

  • amanda

    I've finally figured out how to sync outlook tasks to my iPad. I don't know if this is the *best* solution for me, but I think it'll work. thanks.

  • Jeff W.

    UPDATE (8/17/2010)
    Toodledo has introduced a FREE stand-alone app that you can install on your iPod/iPhone/iPad!
    its available in the the APP Store right now!

    First sign up for the Toodledo account, then install & configure Chromatic Dragon’s Toodledo Sync Application.

    Its amazing on how such a small app (Tasks in Outlook) has such a big impact on how we get our work done.
    ..Thanks for the how-to article!

  • Peter

    I have NO CLUE how this pos is supposed to work. I created an account, did everything Toodledo asked for, downloaded the sync tool, bought the .99 iPhone app and have no idea how I'm supposed to get my Tasks from Outlook into Toodledo.

    I set the application options in the sync tool to automatic synch.

    On the web app, there is simply no option to synch or "grab" my Tasks from Outlook.

    Am I missing something so patently obvious I should be shot, or are you all paid employees of Toodledo???

  • Jeff

    I have set up the sync program and hit manual sync but nothing is showing up in my Toodledo web page. Any suggestions? I have a friend that has this on exactly the same system as mine and I have mirrored his settings but still nothing.

  • Abdolreza

    Thank you, Thank you,Thank you, Thank you,Thank you, Thank you,Thank you, Thank you,Thank you, Thank you

    I don't know what I can say

  • amanda

    Every time I try to run the procedure above, when I click to install the sync application, it says I need to install ".NET Framework version 2.0" first. I do this, (except what is available now is .net Framework version 4) but it doesn't seem to work because it requires that I then restart the computer after installing, but that puts me right back at ground zero… It doesn't seem to move forward after the .net intallation and can't install the sync application.

  • Lrussell

    Thank you! I've been losing my mind not having my task list with me and trying to find an app that could take its place. This is just what I needed! I was feeling very lost without my list to work off of and having to duplicate, which is always a recipe for disaster. Thanks again Daniel. Awesome!

  • Lauz_12

    So Just wondering if its me or is there no option to have a reminder tone set – to "alarm" you to a task that needs to be done at a certain time.

    ie) I can set a task (in OUTLOOK) and apply an "alarm" to remind me to follow up on a client at 11am next Monday But can only seem to set a task from my iphone on a particular day- not given any option with a timed alarm etc?
    Would greatly appreciate any help!! x

  • PKSmart

    Thank you, thank you Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. I use outlook and the task sync was the hardest part to figure out. Now I am a happy person.

  • VickieV

    Everything worked perfectly, except…..It only synched 50 tasks, I have way more than 50 tasks. I am happy it is synching, I have been searching for a solution for so long, I will re-enter every task if that is what it takes. Any suggestions to try and find out why it doesn't pick up the other tasks in Outlook?

  • Robert

    I followed your instructions and downloaded Toodle and Chromatic Dragon on my office computer, which does not have wifi, but does have broadband. At home where I have wifi, I downloaded the application Toodledo into my ITouch. Where I am stimed is getting my office tasks to update with the Itouch when I plug it in using the USB cable. Is it possible to synchronize without wifi at work?

  • Fran

    So I am new to the Toodledo world….I want my dekstop computer to sync Outlook taks to my iphone. Toodledo seems to be the answer. I am not sure if I need to download software on my computer and also buy the Toodledo software from the App store for my iphone? Not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Bob Waldron

    I've got Outlook synced with Toodledo's website, but am having difficulty with syncing my phone. You said: "Just point your iPhone webbrowser to and book mark it to your iPhone Home Screen. (Hit the + and select Home Screen, I renamed mine to “Tasks”)."

    I get to the . . . com/slim site but cannot see the + or anything that allows me to select Home Screen. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks

  • Bob

    I've got Outlook synced with Toodledo's website, but am having difficulty with syncing my phone. You said: "Just point your iPhone webbrowser to and book mark it to your iPhone Home Screen. (Hit the + and select Home Screen, I renamed mine to “Tasks”)."

    I get to the . . . com/slim site but cannot see the + or anything that allows me to select Home Screen. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks

  • Steven

    I have a concern before trying this. I have quite a bit of content in my outlook tasks. Prior to migrating to the iphone, I had a blackberry. When synching my phone, some of the content did not migrate over to my phone initially. When I did a re-synch, becuase the data in the phone was newer, it over rode the data in outlook and after synch, a lot of my notes were gone. I am afraid id the same will happen here. Can the program handle a good deal of info in the task?

  • Jane Ansell

    Absolutely fantastic – Thank you so much – Having my tasks on my Iphone bliss – Really easy to follow even for technophobe like me! Thanks Jane

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