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How To Print Multiple Outlook Calendars And Tasks In Overlay Mode

A recent posting entitled “Viewing and Working With Multiple Calendars” has brought up the following question:

When I am using Microsoft Outlook can I print what I see in overlay mode?

The answer? YES! It’s a little tricky at first but I have full faith and confidence in your ability. Ready?

Microsoft has a free program called the Calendar Printing Assistant. With it you can print out your calendars and tasks in all the layouts and designs you have been wishing you could for years. You just didn’t know it existed before!

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office Outlook 2007 is an application for people who need an easy way to print and customize their Outlook 2007 calendar information. It puts you in control of the tools you need and helps you plan and create designer-quality output.

  1. Download it from Here and try to install it (Close Outlook first)

You may get a message that you need version 3 of the Microsoft .NET framework. It was initially released 11/21/2006 so you may or may not have it installed already.

2. If you need the .Net 3.0 program download it here, install it and then install the Calendar Printing Assistant again.

Ok, so you have your .NET 3.0 software up-to-date and you have installed Microsoft’s Calendar Printing Assistant.

You are not going to use Outlook to print the calendars that are in overaly mode, you are going ot use the Calendar Printing Assistant program.

Look in Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Calendar Printing Assistant

Fire up the program! (You can also pin it to your start menu or drag it to your desktop so you can have faster access to it.)

You will see something like this:

Keep in mind that you cannot edit appointments here, you are just playing with printing options.

You should see your Outlook Calendar, and on the right hand side a list of template styles to choose from.

Select the dropdown and change it from View Templates to Calendars and Tasks. Now you will see all of your calendars from Outlook and all of the sharted calendars ytou have access to!

Clicking on a persons name will activate their calendar and add it to yours in overlay mode. To remove someone simply right click on their name or click the drop-down and choose Remove From Calendar.

Take a look at the left side of the program. You can easily modify the colors and symbols associated with the calendars you have selected by mousing over a name and clicking the drop-down button that appears.

And that’s where I am going to leave you! As always, poke around the program. There aren’t a lot of settings but it is very flexible. You should be able to master it fairly quickly. Stuck? Leave a comment and someone will be sure to get back to you!



    It looks a good utility but the text size of the calendar items are very small and I have not found away to chnage this. I chenged the minimum font size in the application settings but it didn’t have any effect

  • elaine

    Thanks! I found a way to print my calendar and my 3 sons weekly routine side by side on a one-page per day format. This is useful for a homeschooling family like us.

  • Andi

    Hi! Maybe I am just missing something that is glaringly obvious…but, I can't seem to figure out how to get the 3 calendars that I need to print on one page. I've followed the instructions to select each calendar, then, I don't know how to set it up for them to print on one page. When I print them, they still print one per page. HELP!!!

    • dancurranjr

      I fired up the Calendar Assistant, on the right hand side went to CALENDARS AND TASKS, PEOPLES CALENDARS. Click on the names you want and they appear on the left hand side under Calendars and Tasks (with their associated icons)

      Jumped back over to the right and went to VIEW TEMPLATES from the dropdown. Randomly chose DAY WITH WEEK – it shows up in the center and I see all three calendars and tasks.

      A quick FILE -> PRINT – worked like a charm

  • Andi Fehl

    Thanks for that! I had to select the view Day with columns to see the individual calendars side-by-side on one sheet. NEXT QUESTION: All of the appointments from the calendar in Outlook are not showing up on the calendar in the wizard. Do I have to adjust something to import all of the appointments? THANKS!!!

    • dancurranjr

      Might have to wait a few seconds after:
      Clicking on a persons name will activate their calendar and add it to yours in overlay mode. To remove someone simply right click on their name or click the drop-down and choose Remove From Calendar.

      Take a look at the left side of the program. You can easily modify the colors and symbols associated with the calendars you have selected by mousing over a name and clicking the drop-down button that appears.

  • Eric

    Do you know if there is there anyway to expand the multi-day sections of the templates? I want to print from 3 calendars all of which have mostly multi-day events, most of the templates only support 3-4 multi-day event per page where I probably need 8-10. THX!!

  • michele

    This program won't let me print. Gives me an error message"windows can not print due to a problem with the current printer setup"
    Every other program (including outlook) prints just fine. Anyone have a solution??

  • VeraB

    It is a great tool to have an overview of multiple calendars!
    The only problem is that I can't seem to find how to adjust the time range. It is automatically set from 8am until 4pm, but I would prefer a calendar until 10pm like you can opt in outlook itself.

      • Daniel

        I haven't found a way to manually change it. Only workaround is to select "Full Day Letter" or "Long Day". Both of these options show from Midnight to 11:30PM

  • seg

    Is there an option allowing overlay calendars to be condensed in size to ensure all information is printed within a one day month cell allowing for a single calendar to be printed?

  • Laura

    I have another Outlook printing questions. Can you customize the default print styles when printing your calendar or tasks? Under tasks you can create new columns, but can not print them or the information — only allows you to use the standard print styles.

    • MJ Russell

      Yes, try different templates on the right side template bar – the ones that say "long day" or other versions do extend into the evening — at least until 7pm. Don't know that I've used any that are modifiable, but …

      • Aliza Gevirtz, Community Engagement Manager at CEAP

        I needed to use the long day too, but I don’t want the task side – I need it to use the whole page for just the calendar. I do not have the “task” checked. Any other clues on how to do this?

  • Eric

    when you have more than three calendars, your calendars now end up in two pages when you print. Anyone know how to get all your calendars in one page rather than two of three?

    • Tammy

      I had the same issue and I gave an appointment time to a recurring “all-day” appointment. That moved it from the top under the “day” column and placed it in a time slot. That allowed more recurring items to be printed under the “day” and eliminating the need for the second page. Check and see what items are printing ONLY on the second page. Make room for those items and you should shrink down to only one page. Worked for me!

  • cheap canada goose

    I just started with Outlook 2007, there are many calanders I used my family to use a computer, and a side. When trying to use Calander assistance program, calanders are shown, but when you want to print it brings up all events I was in a Calander month, and spans 40 pages. I lost it?

  • Robin

    So I categorize my appointments by color in my Outlook Calendar. Is there a way to get those colors printed while using this assistant, the same way they do when I print directly from inside of outlook? I also want to be able to print multiple calendars in overlay mode. I'm printing in monthly mode, in case that makes a difference.

  • Kevin

    It's a great solution given the shortcoimngs of Outlook. Can we print 2 months to a page – the templates aren't very user friendly and I haven't found a way of doing this yet.

  • gary andrew

    Didn't work from the point of "You will see something like this:" I'll probably go the long route and print each of 3 calendars separately, although that defeats the purpose of viewing multiple appointments on one calender. Ah, computing.

  • ddakd

    i dowloaded it, i tried to download the net 3 but it told me my computer had a new version. when i tried to open it i get an error message Message: Calendar Printing Assistant has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • MDJ

    Hi there, My boss would like to see the complete staff annual leave on a single page. I'm trying to get the CPAO to print the yearly calendar in one page but it prints some appointments in the second page. Is there any way I could get them printed all together in one page? Thanks for the help in advance.

  • Kathy

    Followed your great instructions right up until "And that's where I'm going to leave you!"

    When you go to file to print the multiple overlay calendars in the printing assistant, the print option is grayed out?

  • Dar

    Can't seem to print to my network printer. I downloaded the latest drivers and it still won't print. Everything else prints fine except for this program. Help!

  • NJD

    This does not work in Office 2010 64 bit edition, so until someone at Microsoft develops it (and I have been asking for years now with no positive outcome)

  • tebrin

    Has anyone attempted to use and had any success with this Calendar Assistant with Outlook 2010/Windows 8? I've tried to load it but get an error upon launching the program. Here are the "files that help describe the problem:

  • Help!

    There a just a couple of events printing on another calendar. I can't figure out why. One is a recurring entry that picked a week and dropped it down to another calendar

  • Exasperated

    CPAO does not work with Office 2010 64-bit. If anyone has a workaround, I have been looking for one for years with no success. We need to print 15 people's calendars on three sheets of paper for a weekly log. CPAO will do this, but Microsoft refuses to distribute a version for Office 2010 64-bit and I find it incredible that a purchase of Office 2010 32-bit has been Microsoft's only suggestion. For a small business with limited funds, this is an arrogant stance. I digress, but I wonder if anyone has found a better way than CPAO for what we need.

  • Donna

    The calendars are blank, the time blocks are showing up but nothing is written in them. Everything is correct in the calendars in Outlook 2007, but they show up blank when using the Calendar Assistant Printing program. Any suggestions?

  • Outlook Overlay

    I downloaded the Microsoft Calendar Print Assistant but can't seem to get my outlook calendars to show up. I clicked on Insert / calendars & tasks but nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  • MC

    I cannot seem to see all of my outlook calendars as options. How do I get them to populate under My Calendars and Tasks?


  • Gail

    Can the associated icons be a persons name instead of color or symbols?

    Also is there a view that prints the calendars in detail format with name instead of color or symbols?

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