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How To Print An Outlook 2007 Calendar With 15 Minute Increments

For many people the default setting in the Outlook calendar of 30 minutes time increments is not granular enough. For some, a 15 minute schedule is more useful. But the problem people run into with Outlook 2007 is trying to print showing 15 minute increments!

Need to print your schedule in 15 minute blocks? I’ll show you how in less than 2:

First off, lets make sure your Outlook calendar is showing the 15 minute day.

Open your calendar, select DAY or WEEK

Right click on the time bar to the left like this:


Select 15 Minute from the menu. Now you can see your daily schedule in the time increment of your choice. OK, lets get to the printing part.

In your Outlook Calendar select FILE –> PRINT and for the sake of this tutorial we’ll select a Daily Style – BUT WAIT! We need to DEFINE STYLES.. So click on DEFINE STYLES..


Then, let’s select Daily Style and choose EDIT like so:


And here comes the magic – reduce the time in the Print From – Print To range to 8 hours. For example, 9am to 5pm:


That’s it! That’s what you have been pulling out your hair over!

You can play around with other settings (I like really small fonts in my calendars) to customize the look and feel of your printouts. But just to show it really works, I present to you, an Outlook 15 minute day print preview:


Seems I’m free on the 17th . . .


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