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How to Forward or eMail a Webpage URL in Google Chrome

Are you looking for the magic button in Google Chrome that will allow you to send the webpage you are looking at to a friend? There isn’t one. So lets make it in a few quick, simple, steps! 1) Open … Continue reading

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How To Make Google Calendar Sync Work With Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you use Google Calendar sync and have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 you’ve no doubt discovered that the two don’t work together. Here’s the world’s easiest fix: Download this file: Unzip it Go to C:\Program Files\Google\Google Calendar Sync … Continue reading

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GeoTagging! GeoTag Your Photos the Free and Easy Way

Have you ever seen someone’s photos online and noticed that there is a map showing exactly where the photo was taken? Ever wish the Latitude and Longitude information your iPhone attaches to photo’s was more accurate? Need to correct GeoData? … Continue reading

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Where To Download the Google Chrome Browser

Unless you were sleeping under a rock today, you must know that Google has created it’s first web-browser. Originally the comic book was leaked, then Google followed up by releasing the application for download. Google “Chrome” is a browser that … Continue reading

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Sync Two Microsoft Outlook Calendars – With Google!

I have a personal laptop at home that has my personal calendar stuff in it. At my office I have a different laptop that uses Microsoft exchange and has my work calendar information. I want the two to merge – … Continue reading

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