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How to Get Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Real-Time Prices in Excel

If you hold crypto-currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum and would like to track the value in real-time on an Excel spreadsheet then this is the easiest way to do so!

If you want to get started with Bitcoin you can open an account at CoinBase.

I have created a spreadsheet with an embedded plugin designed to update Bitcoin and other currencies automatically and populated it with some data to spur your imagination.

Step1 –  Download this zip file which contains and Excel 2016 spreadsheet:

Crypto Bitcoin Holdings Value v2 (Real Time Crypto Currency Excel is now available. (See the bottom of this post.)

Step 2 – Extract the Excel Spreadsheet “Crypto Bitcoin Holdings Value” and save it to your PC

Step 3 – Save the zip file that is embedded in the spreadsheet to your PC, or double click on the zip that is embedded and extract the file that way. Your Choice.




Step 4 – Close Excel, and Extract the plug-in from the file, save it to your PC

Step 5- Run the plug-in. After installing it Excel will have a new tab called “Crypto Excel”





Now you are set up and ready to modify the spreadsheet however you like to fit your unique scenario. When you open the spreadsheet you’ll see that I have pre-populated 3 Cryptocurrencies; BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum with a theoretical situation.  The logic behind the layout is:

  • Master OverView – Current state of your currencies. Some may be waiting to be funded, you may have multiple wallets – adjust to your situation.
  • Available Funds – Money readily available for purchases or trade, probably sitting on an exchange.
  • Hard Wallet – Money in a hard wallet like Trezor or in a paper wallet. Offline and secure from breaches.

You’ll notice that there are several #N/A fields wherever a coin price should be – go to the CryptoExcel tab and click CONNECT.





Ta-Da! Real-time bitcoin prices in an Excel spreadsheet!

You can add other currencies listed on the CURRENCIES tab using the formula =CC_RATE(“LTC”, “Coinbase”) – just replace LTC with the symbol of the currency you want to track!

Also take a look at the yellow highlighted fields – change to fit your numbers.

Happy Cryptoing!
Donate BTC to me? Sure you can! Thanks for asking! 115vhqSUbHrxAEiF65SuZzCUSQBtknqEAi

Dec 20th Update:
Wow! What a few weeks – here is the ROUGH v2 seeing that BCH has shown up on exchanges and people were asking me for other crypto coins as well. Enjoy – and I look forward to your continued suggestions / commentsDownload Current Version (2.0) Here


  • Daniel Curran

    I was having a hard time finding a simple formula to pull the prices in real-time. Read a few articles and then figured out how to do it for multiple cryptos using an excel add on.
    There are a few typos on the sheet I noticed when going back to my actual ledger spreadsheet this evening but the math works and the live updates work.
    I am open to suggestions for additions for a V2 somewhere in the future

  • Robert

    Hi Daniel,
    I found your website to be very helpful, thank you.
    I previously found this excel addon and the API info is at
    It is suppose to support the exchanges Binance and BTC Markets, but when I test them they don’t seem to work.
    Also noticed that the exchanges option is case sensitive, I have tried various versions of upper and lower case spelling, but to no avail.
    Is this something you can help with?

    Kind Regards,

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